Monday, 26 April 2010

Look to the sky

A photo I shot of a dramatic sky walking through Centennial Park not so long ago. Beautiful cloud formations and the perfect contrast of colors and shades.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Hyde Park

Some photos from a walk through Sydney's beautiful Hyde Park a couple of nights ago.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Wax jackets & welly boots

If I said to you "wax jackets and welly boots" would you think of this? The girls did the outfits wonders at this picturesque pond, luckily managed to catch a slight hazy glow on the horizon from the sun in the background on this over cast and wintry day.
This was one I shot late in November last year.

Friday, 9 April 2010

A stroll in the park

Some photos I took whilst relaxing and clearing a hangover in the park next to my house here in Sydney on easter Sunday. Sparrows in flight, ducklings and black swans.

Monday, 5 April 2010

I spy...

Spied this little lizard lurking and being dead still in a park camouflaged on some rocks by a pond when I was out for a walk a short while a go.