Thursday, 25 February 2010

Flip take over

Bob Burnquist/fs nosegrind

Bob Burnquist/switch fs ollie to truck smack

Bob Burnquist/hand plant

Bob Burnquist/rodeo 540

Lance Mountain/bs ollie

Lance Mountain/fs hip transfer

Lance Mountain/hand plant

Lance Mountain/dog pisser

Lance Mountain/hand plant

Curren Caples/fs indy

Curren Caples/Tuck knee

Curren Caples/tweaked melon

Curren Caples/bs tail slide

Curren Caples/bs smith

Rune Glifberg/Judo

Rune Glifberg/Japan

Rune Glifberg/bs ollie from shallow to deep

Rune Glifberg/bs smith

So four of the Flip team showed up at for bowl-a-rama, Bob Burnquist, Curren Caples, Lance Mountain and Rune Glifberg. Could have almost re-filmed Extremely Sorry! But seriously though, all of them smashed it, especially Bob & Lance who were both around all week killing it during some fun sessions.
Curren has the smoothest steez going on and was a pleasure to watch. Rune, well we all know he's a bowl/pool king and he proved he still owns that title here, skating injured he still got some sick stuff done.
All of them looked so at home and comfortable in this bowl and each of them had something different for it leaving their own mark. Big props to the Flip crew!

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Omar Hassan

Here are some photos I got with Omar Hassan during some sessions last week. Firstly a huge tweaked out mute grab to fakie, a bigspin disaster, and a bs heel flip indy.
Omar is a true veteran of skating, and that's probably still an understatement. He is an all terrain skater, what ever is put in front of him, he'll have a trick for it. Watching him skate in the flesh was crazy, not only is Omar consistant & aggressive on his board, but all his tricks are tough ones and he does them back to back, wall to wall and his runs go on for days. A truly seasoned skateboarder and still going damn strong.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Steve Caballero

Sorry the past week or so has been quiet on here, been a busy man. I moved up to Sydney on the 15th and living in Bondi right by the beach, I'm not sure how long I'll be here but it will be for a while hopefully.
Anyway, it just so happened that the weekend just gone by was the Vans Bowl-a-rama skate comp at the Bondi bowl, which is literally a two minute walk from where I'm staying. There has been so many pro skateboarders and actual skate legends here for the week leading up to Saturday, one day down there I was lucky enough to meet Steve Caballero. We got chatting and ended up shooting a portrait and sequence of an ally-oop lien air. Met him there again the following day and shot the man doing his patented trick, the cabalarial. I mean who else do you want to see doing that?! Thats his shit!
Also a photo of me with Cab hanging out up in the riders and media stand, I had to put this on here, so stoked. He's an incredibly nice guy, and a real skateboarding legend.

More photos of some of skateboardings heavy hitters coming shortly.

Friday, 12 February 2010

While You Were Sleeping

Here are some photos I shot in Melbourne city, capturing the bright lights, colors & shapes of the city that make this place come to life in the dark of the night while most people are sleeping.
I've always found the lights of cities at night are able to transfix me, almost hypnotizing in a way, especially when it's as quiet as it was while shooting these. There is nowhere else like Melbourne.

Thursday, 11 February 2010


AJ here on a sequence I shot of him last Monday at Greenvale skate park I think (we went to four skate parks through the afternoon/evening and I cant remember which ones were which) Wherever we were, AJ pulled out this rad blunt to lateral pop into the bank in no time at all. Steezin for your pleasing.

Friday, 5 February 2010

Mother Nature At Her Finest

Easily one of the best sunsets I have seen. Never seen a sky like it, so animated. Pretty breath taking. I Then turned around to walk back to the car and saw how clear the moon was through some trees and had to snap that to. Beaut.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Windswept Beauty

Here is another photo for the calender I shot. Windswept and beautiful.
I'd like to say ready for a swim in this fantastic Greek looking pool, but this was a very cold December day in the English countryside. No wind machines or anything like that used, just the natural, bitter, wintry wind.
The wind picked up after a few minutes, caught her perfectly and I snapped this very photo. Don't worry, she didn't suffer to much, We had jackets and hot coffee on stand by, I still felt rather guilty being wrapped up in a big jacket, scarf and gloves shooting this one.