Thursday, 28 January 2010

Early Morning Sun

Yesterday morning in Anglesea I was awake at 7.30 and on the beach by 7.35, paddling & shooting photos in the morning sun. It was beautiful, warm, breezy, & absolutely nobody about at all. Perfect. I'm guessing people were still sleeping off Australia day.
Here are the pictures I took that morning.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Anglesea, Angle do

Something a little different today, not photographs BY me, but photographs OF me. Spent the past few days camping at a rad beach side town called Anglesea. Between drinking and beach fun I found some intriguing concrete angles and got some skating done. My cousin Erin Ramsdale shot these sequences of me on my camera and I edited them together this evening.
The first one is a drop in at a seriously treacherous ditch, its cakey, full of holes, long, steep and real, real fast. I hadnt stepped on my board for about a week when we rolled up here, decided to go for it, had it first shot, and then tripped over on the dismount and slammed so hard. Because of the speed I was going I think I was thrown about 12 feet along the bottom of the ditch and now my elbow is a mess. Definitely turned into a "swellbow" now.
The other photo we shot this morning before I left Anglesea on a 4ft mini ramp next to the camp site, this thing was so much fun to skate. Managed to do a fakie 270 to backside smith.

I did shoot some photos myself, but you'll all have to sit tight for those. Wont be long. I promise.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

In the city

Here are some shots from a day I went for a wander along Melbournes Yarra River. Was a rather dull day so didnt end up shooting to much.
On my way back to Flinders Street station after swinging by the Crown casino, that I'd pop into the Eureka Tower (the building on the left of the top photo).
Eureka is not only the tallest building in Melbourne, but hosts the highest public vantage point in the southern hemisphere with its observation deck on the 88th floor which provides some damn good views and a great perspective of the city. It is also the worlds tallest residential tower at 92 floors. I sat up there and ate some takeaway noodles I had bought just before going there. Noodles taste better 88 floors up. Not sure why, just try it.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

One Evening At The Weir

Some photos from a few day back from a visit to the Weir for a skate. Twisty took us there and I'm glad he did, it is such an incredible spot. I've seen this place in various skate videos in the past and had no idea it's as crazy as it is, the speed you get carving it is a joke, and you still need more if you want to hit the hip properly.
No major tricks went down, we had so much fun cruising it and messing about which was refreshing, no stress over trying to make a trick, just pure fun.
The Photos feature Twisty & Luke getting his cruise on, and Kelly Jane hanging out getting her vodka cruiser on, she's in town for a little while from Ipswich to see Luke. Also one photo Kelly snapped of me after the concretes disagreement with me. I'll be going back there for sure.
If you look close enough you'll see some Neck Face graffiti dotted about.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Ailie Z Killer

Ailie is a good friend of mine and also a fellow photographer hailing from Edinburgh, Scotland.
I took this photo of Ailie on her own camera whilst in London back in September at my best friend Nicks place where we were drinking and crashing after the UK premiere of the newest Flip skateboards video "Extremely Sorry". She only just got the film developed, and here it is.
Ailie is an awesome photogrpher. When she gets behind the camera very rad things happen, I'm a fan for sure.

To see her fantastic work go to either:-
Ailies website...
or Ailies Flickr...

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Black Saturday

Almost a year since the tragic King Lake fires, better known as Black Saturday.
I've been up to where the fires were a couple of times now and still cant get over the damage caused.
I remember watching the news coverage back in England when it was all going on and being shocked how bad it looked, but witnessing first hand the sheer amount of devastation caused is unbelievable. Literally as far as you can see there is nothing but blackened skeletal looking trees. The fires destroyed 100% of the forest and nearly all life within it. Most tragically many people who couldn't leave their homes in time lost their lives to. Those who up and left in time lost their homes and everything in them.
Locals have all said how everybody from all over Australia really pulled together and helped where they could, and how the generosity of everyone was just incredible, people donating everything from their time and services, food & money to mobile homes for the victims to just have. Some people still have not got their normal home life back yet, and the land is far from recovered, but it is slowly on the mend.

These are the photos I shot on my visits there.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Just Say Nay!

More from the paddock, another visit.
This time met a horse that can only be described as ridiculous, never seen an animal with such character in my life. I also ventured around the old sheds a bit and found some parts that have remained untouched for who knows how many years.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

The sunsets in Barwon Heads

I took this just down the street from where I stayed in Barwon Heads on the way home one evening. Its such a quiet and remote place, all you got there is beach, bars, supermarket and skate park. All you need.