Monday, 28 February 2011

Soon Enough

So everybody is fair pissed of with winter by now, damn sure know I am.
But soon enough spring time will kick in, and trees like this will be back in full bloom. I shot this photo of a naked looking tree against a wintry haze of a sky.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The happiest skateboarder you'll ever meet

Hippy jump kerb drop

nose bump

kick flip

hill bomb, ollie, grass roll, drop to car park bite

grass roll truck repercussions

Chandos, quite honestly the happiest, brightest, most colorful person I know. Forever smiling and looking for the fun thing to do. Skates fast & skates awesome.
The energy Chandos has and seems to effortlessly inspire into others is crazy! Love to be around the dude, here's a handful of photos we shot last week. Chandos rips!!!

Friday, 11 February 2011

Jonesing for a fix?

bs flip

bs flip sequence [right to left]

ollie over wall to path


The answer to the "Guess Who?" quiz is none other than.... BEN JONES!
Yes, these painted nails are in fact Ben's. New steez for 2011 you ask? no, just his hilarious girlfriend giving him twinkle toes. Ben couldnt wait to show me... he's a little to into it... anyway...
taking full advantage of the weather on Tuesday during our session, Ben pulled out a perfect bs flip off a bench over a bin, and at another spot a more difficult than it looks cakey run up, ollie over a wall onto a thin downwards path.
I love to skate with Ben, he always gets me psyched for a sesh.
Ben is one of the most legit skateboarders out there, will skate damn near anything, and do something in a way only he would do it. His bag of tricks, deep. His style, for miles. I'm so glad to see him back rolling a lot again. 2011 Ben Jones come back? I hope so, it's been a long time coming.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Guess Who?...

Who is the owner of these dolled up feet?
Find out in the next post at midnight...

10 months & 1 medium format film...


Oakley Man


Joshy & I reflecting

Road trippin- Jenny, Luke, Kelly & I.

Blue Mountains

Am I in the Blue Mountains dreaming of Joshy going surfing?... or is Joshy going surfing dreaming of me in the Blue Mountains?...

Picnic- Me & Lisa



So 10 months went by and I only used 1 medium format film through my Diana, fish eye attachment to. Here are the random moments from the 10 months the film was in there. Pretty bad exposure on most of these pics, but it's all fun and games!

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

No school like the old school...

I say old school in the title of this post in no disrespect, I mean Shawn Allen isn't exactly old school, but he's a generation or so ahead of mine. A true legend of the Ipswich skateboarding scene, if you don't know... well you should go do your homework.
Shawn made a visit back to Ipswich from his current residence in Taiwan. We got incredibly lucky and scored a warm & sunny day on his last day here, and got an amazing all day skate in! In February here, these kind of days NEVER happen! Here are the photos I snapped of Shawn. His love of skateboarding is infectious and definitely had an affect on the crew, we had the best session in a long time, so much fun was had by all doing the classic street spot tour of Ipswich. More photos from the day to come soon!

Saturday, 5 February 2011