Friday, 25 June 2010

Shane Azar

I met skateboarder Shane Azar at his local skate park here in Manly Australia a week or so ago, I'm told that this is pretty much where Shane learnt to skate. Let me tell you, this isnt the easiest place in the world to skate, but Shane flies around it and tears it up. I've only seen a handful of locals skate this place really well and Shane quite easily sits on the top spot of local rippers.
I shot this sequence of him doing this fakie noseblunt slide, and also took a portrait of him.
Shane is a beast on his board, if you don't know, get to know.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

All about the trees

Here's one I shot on medium format film back in January when I went camping in Anglesea.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Sit back, relax

A photograph from a shoot late last year. Shot this very naturally beautiful girl in a very unique garden somewhere in the British countryside. A photogenic girl & a great location made this shoot a breeze.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Mark Kendrick

Apologies for this being quiet over the past couple of weeks, things have been pretty hectic and had a handful of things to take care of but I'm back and on it.
Amidst the chaotic past few weeks, my good friend Mark Kendrick flew in to visit me here in Sydney and is crashing at my place for a bit. He got here a couple weeks ago with a back pack, his VX1000, and four crispy new Baker decks. Fresh off the Venture trucks tour back home, we got straight out skating. We've already had some killer sessions all over the place with some great dudes, Mark has shut down every game of skate he gets involved with, his South Pacific win rate is 100%.
I shot this silhouette photo of Mark doing this tweaked ollie down at the brick pyramids at Darling Harbour last week after I filmed him do a line which this is the starting trick for. We were incredibly lucky to have this entire spot free of people and security for a good hour, this street got closed for some trucks to get through to set up a stage and the one security guard was real cool, and was down with us skating there, so we got some shit done!
I shot the portrait of Mark at a beach two minutes walk from my new house, there's this mini waterfall there, its fucking awesome.
Mark is currently finishing off filming his part for a new Manchester video which is to be titled "Pusherman". Its being made by Sean Lomax so you know this will be a quality production very worthy of your attention and your pennies. "Pusherman" will feature full sections from Kendrick, Ben Grove, Joe Gavin, Tony Da Silva, Nick Stansfield and a host of other Manc heads. Looks like its set to be one of the best British skate films to date, it should be dropping later this year so keep your eyes peeled.
Here is a link for the trailer to get your juices flowing...
Expect more photos of Mark down under soon.