Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Pistols & Vultures

Here are some photographs I got of new band Pistols & Vultures playing in Colchester on saturday. The four piece band has Alex Green on guitar, Nick Woodham on bass, Freddie Cant behind the drums & the final piece is Carnell Cook fronting the band.
These guys havn't been together long or recorded anything as yet, so I didn't really know what to expect from them. I was smiling within 15 seconds of the first song they played which was a Jimi Hendrix cover that many bands would have probably murdered, P&V did it right. They also played a John Mayer cover amongst a handful of their own songs. Although their original tracks were few, they were very impressive and the entire band really came to life during them bringing ample amounts of energy to the stage which was great to see. I genuinely don't have a bad word to say about anything. I hope they have a EP or something recorded in the near future.
I'm predicting good things for Pistols & Vultures. Go see them, you wont regret it.

Check the band out at

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