Wednesday, 14 December 2011


I met up with Brendan Brunning for a roll on Monday, heading to the spot he was like "I've got this idea for a pole jam... it'd be about 5 or 6 ft. long but i think it might work..."
He went about setting up this pole jam, it quite frankly looked like bad news and I really had my doubts. So many things looked wrong about it and to help matters the landing was wet and like ice to roll on.
After both having several goes at it trying to figure out if it was doable or not, we both started getting out of the end of it to both our amazement! Brendan eventually landed the first one, and I followed him right up with a make to! Then Bren decided the wet floor wasn't enough of a bastard to land on, so he puts a piece of drift wood on a rock to land on to... just check the photo, he rolled it three times! Don't fuck with Brendan!

 Brendan Brunning, pole jam to drift wood ride out

Sam Barker, pole jam [photo taken by Brendan Brunning]

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