Friday, 27 January 2012

He who hits the road is the one who lives

First off, a very belated happy new year to everyone who has been following my work and coming back time and time again. You are the reason I still keep this thing going. So cheers to you all.

Secondly, my apologies for not posting anything in a while. I have been on the road around various European countries since a few days before new year. I havnt been in one place for more than a couple of days. But this rainy day in holland seems like the perfect opportunity to sit down and write a post to keep those who care updated.

So lack of posts doesn't mean I havnt been keeping busy shooting, I have been through Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Belgium & now finishing up in Holland. Seen every kind of weather imaginable, besides a heat wave. Looking through my photos of this trip I am stunned by the variety of images.
Admittedly, majority of the photographs that have been taken are holiday snap shots for my own sake, but there are definitely some gems in there which I can't wait to share.

I'll be back with regular posts and updates soon.

And also a big announcement to come, if you're signed up to my facebook fan page you may already know...

Watch this space

With love
SB x

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