Wednesday, 10 October 2012


One of my oldest friends emails me out of the blue to say that she has a new band called Fledglings, they are playing their first ever gig back in Ipswich at the Swan Pub & could I take some photos for them? With pleasure!

Most people will remember Becky from fronting the very much loved band, Making Eyes At Elvis (formerly Charlie Brown). She's been residing in London and studying/working, there fore hasn't done any band stuff for around six years. It was an absolute pleasure to see her back behind the keys and singing her heart out once again. 

I'm sure when people will talk about Fledglings they will probably say that there are of course some similarities between this band and Beckys past venture. However this band has an undoubtedly evolved sound, and some serious balls to boot. I couldn't help but hear some Mars Volta type moments in there set, as well as a little Modest Mouse, but mostly so much captivating originality. I genuinely cant wait for their next show.

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