Friday, 21 December 2012

Cindy Frey

I went back to Belgium for a very short but very sweet visit at the beginning of this week, during my 36 hours there I managed to do a shoot with Cindy Frey, here are the shots. This was possibly one of the easiest and most enjoyable shoots I've done recently.
For those of you who don't know, Cindy is not only a fantastic model, she is a wonderful photographer with a still very vibrant and strong career doing it. Over the past couple of years she has also managed to find the time to become a fucking good tattooist and open her own tattoo shop and art gallery! She has tattooed me twice now and I guarantee there will be a third.

Cindy Frey is currently hosting my photography exhibition "Along The Way", at her art gallery in Kortrijk, Belgium. It will be open until new year, so please stop by if you can.

This may well be my last post before Christmas, so I wish you all the best and have a very merry one!
With love -SB x

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