Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Cindy Frey - Girl At The Rock Show 2

This is a video I made for Belgian Photographer and tattoo artist, Cindy Frey.

It was shot at the opening night of her expo and book launch for her new book titled "Girl At The Rock Show 2". This video also features fellow photographer Aga Hairesis, who was invited to exhibit her work for the first time along side Cindy's.

Cindy is a somebody who I have always looked up to and been inspired by. Not only by her photography, but by her work ethic and her personality to. She is always doing something creative, be it shooting photos of a show, taking photos with her phone, tattooing somebody, putting on a exhibition or releasing a book. Cindy. Works. Hard.
Cindy is one of my dearest friends and has supported me so much with my photography, I'm really glad to be able to do her this small favour in return.


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