Thursday, 25 February 2010

Flip take over

Bob Burnquist/fs nosegrind

Bob Burnquist/switch fs ollie to truck smack

Bob Burnquist/hand plant

Bob Burnquist/rodeo 540

Lance Mountain/bs ollie

Lance Mountain/fs hip transfer

Lance Mountain/hand plant

Lance Mountain/dog pisser

Lance Mountain/hand plant

Curren Caples/fs indy

Curren Caples/Tuck knee

Curren Caples/tweaked melon

Curren Caples/bs tail slide

Curren Caples/bs smith

Rune Glifberg/Judo

Rune Glifberg/Japan

Rune Glifberg/bs ollie from shallow to deep

Rune Glifberg/bs smith

So four of the Flip team showed up at for bowl-a-rama, Bob Burnquist, Curren Caples, Lance Mountain and Rune Glifberg. Could have almost re-filmed Extremely Sorry! But seriously though, all of them smashed it, especially Bob & Lance who were both around all week killing it during some fun sessions.
Curren has the smoothest steez going on and was a pleasure to watch. Rune, well we all know he's a bowl/pool king and he proved he still owns that title here, skating injured he still got some sick stuff done.
All of them looked so at home and comfortable in this bowl and each of them had something different for it leaving their own mark. Big props to the Flip crew!

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