Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Bucky Lasek

Bucky Lasek, I as well as many other people to I'm sure, regard the man one of my favorite skateboarders ever. The man has been killing it forever, quite literally since he was a child when he picked up a board at age 12 because his bike was stolen. Still at 37 years old, Bucky kills it and is as keen as, and better than ever with one of the most recognizable styles and list of ridiculous tricks that he magically does consistently with absolute ease.
I managed to see him and hang out a few times through out the week leading up to Bondi's Bowlarama and also on the day to. It was the raddest thing to meet somebody who was once upon a time one of my favorite people to play as on Tony Hawk Pro Skater.
In the morning of the day before the event, at 7.30am Bucky was wide awake cleaning the bowl himself, scrubbing it with vinegar to get rid of the slipperiness, just so he could practice a 540 which he dropped in and landed within a couple of tries and came out smiling. On the comp day he came a well deserved 2nd place as the 14 year old Brazillian machine Pedro Barros prevented him from winning once again, but in my opinion Bucky was the skater of the entire week. These are the pictures I took, top to bottom: a portrait at Bondi Beach, mctwist single, mctwist sequence, switch fs feeble in the deep end big corner, and last of all one of his trade mark tricks the fs heel flip gay twist.
Bucky is an incredibly nice guy, a legendary skateboarder and shows no signs of slowing down whatsoever.

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