Thursday, 4 March 2010

Young Guns

Sam Becket

Sam Becket - flip mute

Sam Becket - lien air

Sam Becket - fs indy

Sam Becket - bs tailslide round the tight corner

Pedro Barros- deep to shallow transfer bs lipslide

Pedro Barros over & Sergie Ventura under - varial flip indy over ally-oop lipslide

Sam Beckett, the 17 year old rider from the UK who is making a name for himself all over the place. Skating with power, finesse, and technical ability to die for. Young Sam placed a respectable 12th place at the Bowlarama this year. He skated so well all week and paid off on the day.

Pedro Barros, the Bowlarama 2010 winner. Amazingly this Brazilian power house is only 14 years old! When the final session was getting heated and the snaking was on, he didn't hesitate at all, at one point I think 3 or 4 people were in there at once and he was the last man standing. Pedro is going place for sure. To place 1st above Bucky Lasek at 2nd place and Bob Burnquist at 3rd take something very special. Expect to see much more from both these guys. The future of bowl/vert skating has arrived.

Pedro Barros - your 2010 Bowlarama winner

Even this little lass jumped in the bowl for a few early grabs! Tye dye shirt for maximum style points. Bless her.

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