Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Warming Up Wolsey With Ben Raemers

Ben arrived back here in Ipswich, England, only a couple of weeks behind myself, after spending a long while over in the states doing his usual thing of being a skateboarder and killing it with a grin on his face.
I haven't seen Ben for a year, all that has changed is he has grown a little taller, his hair is out of control, he has got even better on his board & to boot he's still the nicest guy, it's a quality that will never let him down, don't ever change Ben.

We met up on yesterdays freezing 1'C, Tuesday morning, had a coffee/beer and made our way into town for a skate, the first skate since before the snow hit! Just so happened to cruise by the Wolsey eleven and Ben decides it would be a fun thing to jump down them to warm up... right you are Ben... a couple of tries and that's done. A trick was tried but that's gonna be saved for another sesh... watch this space. We cruised to one or two other spots but the poor lad had a heel bruise aggravating him so we settled for a park roll and some games of skate with the boys.
Always a fun day with Raemers. Here's a photo of his warm up and his smelly foot.

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