Wednesday, 9 February 2011

No school like the old school...

I say old school in the title of this post in no disrespect, I mean Shawn Allen isn't exactly old school, but he's a generation or so ahead of mine. A true legend of the Ipswich skateboarding scene, if you don't know... well you should go do your homework.
Shawn made a visit back to Ipswich from his current residence in Taiwan. We got incredibly lucky and scored a warm & sunny day on his last day here, and got an amazing all day skate in! In February here, these kind of days NEVER happen! Here are the photos I snapped of Shawn. His love of skateboarding is infectious and definitely had an affect on the crew, we had the best session in a long time, so much fun was had by all doing the classic street spot tour of Ipswich. More photos from the day to come soon!

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  1. Good job Sam. Like it a lot. I was back at work today. Felt weird, like I haven't even been away. Still! that sesh was one of the fondest memories of my UK visit! Shawn