Friday, 11 February 2011

Jonesing for a fix?

bs flip

bs flip sequence [right to left]

ollie over wall to path


The answer to the "Guess Who?" quiz is none other than.... BEN JONES!
Yes, these painted nails are in fact Ben's. New steez for 2011 you ask? no, just his hilarious girlfriend giving him twinkle toes. Ben couldnt wait to show me... he's a little to into it... anyway...
taking full advantage of the weather on Tuesday during our session, Ben pulled out a perfect bs flip off a bench over a bin, and at another spot a more difficult than it looks cakey run up, ollie over a wall onto a thin downwards path.
I love to skate with Ben, he always gets me psyched for a sesh.
Ben is one of the most legit skateboarders out there, will skate damn near anything, and do something in a way only he would do it. His bag of tricks, deep. His style, for miles. I'm so glad to see him back rolling a lot again. 2011 Ben Jones come back? I hope so, it's been a long time coming.

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