Thursday, 26 November 2009

Adam Howe: seeing is believing

Here is Adam Howe, fs smith to fs 360 out sequence and a couple of portraits which we shot last week.

I've known Ad for years and been capturing him skating since the day we met, he has literally never stopped progressing on his skateboard. No matter what changes for him in his life or in the skateboarding world, he has always remained the same person. Always a pleasure to be out with, forever pushing himself forward and a lot of fun to be around.
Dont ever play s.k.a.t.e with him and expect to win. You will get shut down! Seeing him is believing. He is someone who I consider one of my closest friends and also one of my favorite skateboarders. I hope you enjoy Adams skating as much as I do.

Watch Adam on the team SHINER edit at...
please vote for the SHINER edit to help Adams crew win.

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