Sunday, 29 November 2009

Let me stand next your fire

So I was asked by my friend Emma if I could help her out and take some photographs of her and some of her friends who are doing an art course at the University of East Anglia, to be made into a calender they want to sell to raise money to go towards their end of year show. Naturally I said yes.

We went out to an amazing old house in the beautiful Suffolk countryside yesterday, totally in the sticks, to shoot for the day. The day was fueled by coffee, pizza & slo gin, it was a really fun day thanks to all the girls.

I'll let you know when/where the calender is available once it is made, which shouldnt be long at all, it will also be dead affordable.
The photos will gradually appear one by one on here to.

Here is the first photo which features Emma Daniels sat by the fire knitting herself some clothes to wear as she somehow completely forgot her out fit, woops....... enjoy.

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