Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Ben Raemers

Heres a photo I shot of Ben Raemers 100% going where no man has gone before with this ridiculous ollie from tiny bank to tiny bank, over some lengthy flat. Full blown NBD. Until now its only been skated as a manny pad. Mad props for this one Ben.
Also a couple of fun portraits, one of him hanging on a roof and one of his recently inked arm (this is what happens when drunk in America) he added the essex part to it himself on the big push this year which, hopefully this footage will be on the dvd which will be in the next issue of Sidewalk skate mag.

Also Ben has turned 19 years old today so a huge happy birthday mate! He's had a very successful year from winning comps, filming for various video parts & also getting on Enjoi skateboards. Here's to another great year which is no doubt coming.
the link below is the video for his Enjoi introduction...

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