Monday, 15 June 2009

Say it in Jehst

Ok, so the Rapsploitation Session held in February sold out to an amazing crowd, starred Truth, Louis Slipperz, Inja & also Chester P from the legendary hip hop act Task Force...and after that incredible night your left saying "well that wont be topped, how could a better night happen after that?"...then Jehst, Micall Parknsun, DJ Jazz T, Bodega Brovas (usa) & Diabolical Fancy (usa) & Brotherman enter the room playing to yet another sold out crowd!
Brotherman started things off & quite annoyingly I didnt get any Photo's of them because the crowds swarmed to the front before I could get there, and I cant blame them for doing so, Brotherman are sick! Their lyrics are deep and very relevant, you need to check them out.

Next up we had the first ever international guests to ever grace the Rapsploitation stage, Bodega Brovas & Diabolical Fancy coming all the way from Texas. Not knowing what to expect having never heard them before I was a little nervous but within the first 30 seconds the nerves went. They were great, they got the crowd jumping & participating in a big way, their music was really feel good style hip hop that puts a smile on your face. Stand out catchy chorus' for me "I feel it, you feel it, lets find a bar & kill it!" & of course "its the Lyndsey in your eye". I think they said this was the best gig of their UK tour, and one of the best ones they have ever done! Go Ipswich!

Finally we have the main act, Jehst, Micall Parknsun & DJ Jazz T. Micall warmed up with a couple of his own tracks including his classic "So What". Then Jehst joined him and the crowd was loving it, and the right fans were at the front saying all the lyrics with him.
The chemistry between Jehst & Micall was amazing, making it all look so easy and smooth. Knocking out all of the famous tracks everyone knows him for, like "Nuke Proof Suit", "High Plains Drifter" & "Hrdro Blowback" which kept the crowd very happy.
Another successful gig.
Here are some pictures I took from that night.

So that you are not dissapointed & cannot get in if it's another sell out, I recommend you buy your tickets in advance either from The Swan, or online at
Truth will also be there to GIVE AWAY to everybody that comes a FREE copy of the Rapsploitation Sessions mix cd. & the first 25 people thru the door will recieve a FREE copy of Truths new album "PROCRASTINATE(k)ING. All this for £4!
I cant wait for this show, its gonna be killer.

For more info on the Mystro show this thursday go to...

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