Monday, 8 June 2009

Rapsploitation Sessions/Chester P

If you havn't already heard of the "Rapsploitation Sessions", you need to come out from that rock you've been living under.
"Rapsploitation Sessions" is a regular hip hop night in Ipswich at The Swan pub organized by none other than Ipswich's head hip hop honcho, Truth.

With the last two sessions not only being full blown sell outs to amazing audiences, but turning many sad fans away, it's definatly safe to say that the nights are going down a shit storm!

The session that took place on February 12th earlier this year featured Truth to get things warmed up, & the main performance we wernt just lucky enought to witness DJ Louis Slipperz & Inja, but also there to Grace the stage was none other than Chester P from Task Force. let me tell you, the crowd went off!

Here are afew moments from that night, and a gritty post-gig portrait I managed to snap of a sweaty Chester P.

Be sure to visit the Rapsploitation Sessions website & FaceBook fan page to hear about up coming events first..... copy and paste links below to your browser. thanks

Jehst Session photos coming soon...

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  1. Thats wasssup!!!
    Always appreciate your photography at the nights man..the photo's are amazing.