Thursday, 21 January 2010

In the city

Here are some shots from a day I went for a wander along Melbournes Yarra River. Was a rather dull day so didnt end up shooting to much.
On my way back to Flinders Street station after swinging by the Crown casino, that I'd pop into the Eureka Tower (the building on the left of the top photo).
Eureka is not only the tallest building in Melbourne, but hosts the highest public vantage point in the southern hemisphere with its observation deck on the 88th floor which provides some damn good views and a great perspective of the city. It is also the worlds tallest residential tower at 92 floors. I sat up there and ate some takeaway noodles I had bought just before going there. Noodles taste better 88 floors up. Not sure why, just try it.

1 comment:

  1. Its incredable that you can look down onto sky scrapers! I thimk the pics are far better on a dull but clear day as all the detail is visable. Pictures are great the Yara valley and Melburne City is stunning.( night shot would be good!)