Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Anglesea, Angle do

Something a little different today, not photographs BY me, but photographs OF me. Spent the past few days camping at a rad beach side town called Anglesea. Between drinking and beach fun I found some intriguing concrete angles and got some skating done. My cousin Erin Ramsdale shot these sequences of me on my camera and I edited them together this evening.
The first one is a drop in at a seriously treacherous ditch, its cakey, full of holes, long, steep and real, real fast. I hadnt stepped on my board for about a week when we rolled up here, decided to go for it, had it first shot, and then tripped over on the dismount and slammed so hard. Because of the speed I was going I think I was thrown about 12 feet along the bottom of the ditch and now my elbow is a mess. Definitely turned into a "swellbow" now.
The other photo we shot this morning before I left Anglesea on a 4ft mini ramp next to the camp site, this thing was so much fun to skate. Managed to do a fakie 270 to backside smith.

I did shoot some photos myself, but you'll all have to sit tight for those. Wont be long. I promise.


  1. Sam you have a boo!! Brilliant photography hun. Missing you lots. Mo xxx

  2. Hey sam I tod you it was dangerous ! ha ha like the effects of both pics and the red of your swellbow !

  3. Nice ditch.
    looks like you're having a good time, well, aside from the blood!