Saturday, 9 January 2010

Black Saturday

Almost a year since the tragic King Lake fires, better known as Black Saturday.
I've been up to where the fires were a couple of times now and still cant get over the damage caused.
I remember watching the news coverage back in England when it was all going on and being shocked how bad it looked, but witnessing first hand the sheer amount of devastation caused is unbelievable. Literally as far as you can see there is nothing but blackened skeletal looking trees. The fires destroyed 100% of the forest and nearly all life within it. Most tragically many people who couldn't leave their homes in time lost their lives to. Those who up and left in time lost their homes and everything in them.
Locals have all said how everybody from all over Australia really pulled together and helped where they could, and how the generosity of everyone was just incredible, people donating everything from their time and services, food & money to mobile homes for the victims to just have. Some people still have not got their normal home life back yet, and the land is far from recovered, but it is slowly on the mend.

These are the photos I shot on my visits there.


  1. Amazing pictures Sam, but yet so sad too!! Love Mo xx

  2. Pictures realy show the total destruction of life.
    I love the last picture where new life is unstopable. would like to see an updated photo in a few months.