Sunday, 17 January 2010

One Evening At The Weir

Some photos from a few day back from a visit to the Weir for a skate. Twisty took us there and I'm glad he did, it is such an incredible spot. I've seen this place in various skate videos in the past and had no idea it's as crazy as it is, the speed you get carving it is a joke, and you still need more if you want to hit the hip properly.
No major tricks went down, we had so much fun cruising it and messing about which was refreshing, no stress over trying to make a trick, just pure fun.
The Photos feature Twisty & Luke getting his cruise on, and Kelly Jane hanging out getting her vodka cruiser on, she's in town for a little while from Ipswich to see Luke. Also one photo Kelly snapped of me after the concretes disagreement with me. I'll be going back there for sure.
If you look close enough you'll see some Neck Face graffiti dotted about.

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